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OFFERED LANGUAGES: English, Czech, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Hungarian

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top quality language support

We provide professional support for both business and private individuals. We offer mediation, administrative support, translations and interpretations, searching and verification of business information, handling correspondence and social media, and other services according to our customers’ needs in which knowledge of foreign languages is crucial.



Our offer



Searching for and verification of business information, partners, customers, markets according to our customers’ criteria,  creating data bases of companies and private individuals interested in cooperation. 



Translations of documents, contracts, offers, web pages, questions, conference and simultaneous interpreting, handling correspondence in a foreign language. 


Administrative support

Help in official matters, registration of a company, contact with offices, law analysis and interpretation, procedures related to companies activity, projects. 


Handling media

Handling social media in a foreign language according to our customers’ needs (a long-term cooperation): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, help in correspondence with partners, state offices, clients. 



We are open to our customers’ needs and expectations that exceeds the offer described above. If you need language support in any other aspect, please contact us. 

our languages

The wide language offer is something that distinguishes us among others. Apart from the most popular languages such as English, German, French and Russian, we offer support also in Swedish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Dutch and Hungarian. We are equipped with wide knowledge about countries from mentioned language regions’ reality as well as experience from branches such economics, law, administration, infobrokering, customer service. We are a team of young and creative people who take all new challenges with huge enthusiasm. Individual attitude to our customers, honesty, reliability and punctuality are our priorities. We offer both long-term and short-term cooperation.

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  • +48 12 400 45 67